Jerry Jones Confident the Cowboys Can Have Fans Because AT&T Stadium is Basically a Vacuum Cleaner

AT&T Stadium
AT&T Stadium / Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Jerry Jones appeared on 105.3 The Fan on Friday and was asked about fans attending Dallas Cowboys games this season. Jones gave a rather long, optimistic answer that was distilled down to one line on Twitter.

On its own, it sounds silly, but Jones it might just be a really effective and simple way to explain what they can do in the stadium. We've all seen doors slam shut when the right window is open in a house. Just imagine if that window was 660,000 square feet and you could prop open a bunch of doors. It does seem like they could create some serious airflow.

It's unclear if Jones means the vacuum cleaner effect will be like when you open the airlock on a spaceship and someone gets sucked out the door or if it will be more like when Gina Carano was shot with a harpoon towards the end of Fast 6 which is what they should do to anyone who has trouble keeping their mask on. (Kidding! Kind of.)

As we get closer to football season, it seems like teams could bring in a limited number of fans in a safe manner if everyone takes this seriously. According to Jerry, AT&T Stadium is the best setting because of its vast size and his willingness to pay the air conditioning bill no matter how high it gets.