We've Reached the 'Jerry Jones Autographs a Baby' Portion of the Football Calendar

Kyle Koster

It's that's magical time of year where NFL teams head to training camp and fans start talking themselves into a few extra wins on the schedule. Hope springs eternal and those who build their schedule around watching a team's first few practices will inherit the Earth. God bless them for the enthusiasm. Because it creates scenes like the one at Dallas Cowboys camp this afternoon where Jerry Jones signs a baby. A very cool baby that appears to have their own customized shirsey.

"Jerry Jones once signed me" sounds like something to have in the chamber of the little tyke here ever needs a quick anecdote for Jeopardy!. I would very much like to be there when the baby discovers that one of the most famous owners in professional sports used him as canvas. Maybe it grows up to be a quarterback for the Cowboys and it's like the picture of Todd Frazier standing next to Derek Jeter as a Little Leaguer.

Nothing like this stretch of the year for content. Just empty, harmless content to grease the skids for copious amounts of nothing but football deep into February.