Jerry Jeudy Has Absurd Footwork

Kyle Koster
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Jerry Jeudy looked like the best wide receiver in college football while at Alabama. He fell to No. 15 in the NFL draft, going to the Denver Broncos three picks after teammate Henry Ruggs III. If, for whatever reason, they were worried that a global pandemic has caused his footwork and athleticism to dissipate, Jeudy released a video yesterday rendering those concerns moot.

Uhh, okay. Good luck keeping up with that.

There's a strong argument to made that delicate speed work like this is where professional athletes show just how freakish they are compared to the replacement-level human being. There are strong people out there hauling washers and dryers out of basements all over the world. There are not many roaming the Earth who can do even a reasonable facsimile of this dance.