Jermaine Whitehead's Twitter Account Suspended After He Threatened Fans, Media Member

Ryan Phillips
Jermaine Whitehead
Jermaine Whitehead / Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Jermaine Whitehead had his Twitter account suspended just after the Cleveland Browns lost to the Denver Broncos on Sunday after threatening a member of the media in a post-game tweet.

Whitehead went after Dustin Fox a Browns radio host and former Ohio State player. Fox criticized Whitehead's tackling during Sunday's game and Whitehead fired back quickly after the game. He also went after some fans who criticized him as well. Whitehead's Twitter account was suspended quickly, likely because he was threatening people with violence.

Check it out:

After that, someone quickly went to Wikipedia and changed Whitehead's listed position:

The Browns lost to the Broncos 24-19 on Sunday dropping their record to 2-6. The team appears to be falling apart and it wouldn't be surprising to see a coaching change soon.

As for Whitehead, he'll almost surely be fined or even suspended for this and it wouldn't be too shocking if the Browns dropped him. You can't go around threatening violence against fans and media members.