Jeremy Piven Not Funny Enough For $90,000 Per Hour Asking Price

Brian Giuffra
Jeremy Piven.
Jeremy Piven. / Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Jeremy Piven parlayed hair rejuvenation into a successful second act in Hollywood, but his I'm-a-fast-talking-and-neurotic-person-which-is-funny schtick ran dry following the end of Entourage in 2011 and since then he's had bit roles in mostly unsuccessful movies and TV shows.

Perhaps that is why Piven is now trying to overcharge people for his time. It's shameful really and certainly not worth the return on investment.

According to AV News, Piven is among a group of celebrities who will now do Zoom calls with fans. The price? $15,000 per 10 minutes, which means Piven's hourly rate is $90K. Compared to $5K for 10 minutes with Brett Favre or $1K for 10 with Tony Hawk, Piven's rate is downright delusional.

Beyond the few catchphrases you remember from Entourage, Piven really isn't bringing much to the table. His standup comedy hasn't been a hit, his acting career is long since past its prime and, honestly, how many times can he say "let's hug it out, bitch" or "smoke more, weed Turtle" before you hang up the call early?

While $5,000 for Brett Favre is a lot, at least you can talk about the two Super Bowls and three MVPs he won and what it's like being the best QB on the planet. Even someone like Sean Astin at the low price of $599 per 10 minutes would be fun to talk to about Rudy and Lord of the Rings. Piven? Meh. Perhaps I'd pay $20 to ask him what it was like playing George Costanza in Seinfeld back when he was bald, but that's about it.