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Jeopardy! Contestants Utterly Baffled By Machine Gun Kelly Question

Ryan Phillips
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Machine Gun Kelly is a proud owner of a Billboard Music Award, but apparently that wasn't impressive enough for a group of three contestants on Jeopardy!. The trio was completely stumped by a question about MGK Monday night.

The category was "Musical 3-INITIALers" and the query from host Ken Jennings was pretty straightforward. He said, "The stage name of this rapper and actor gets shortened to MGK" while a photo of the artist flashed on the screen.

Cue the crickets sound effect.

Check this out:

There wasn't so much as a flinch at the buzzer from Donna Lettow, Ashley Castle or returning champion Amy Schneider. Apparently none of them are huge fans of Megan Fox or celebrity gossip either.

Man that question seriously went over like a lead balloon. Just a classic moment.