Jeopardy! Contestant Sings Alphabet Backwards, Which Is Lowkey Terrifying


Almost as long as rock 'n roll has existed, there have been rumors that if you play certain records backwards, you will hear some kind of message about Satan. Or something like that. There are examples of "backmasking" in music, but Satan's involvement remains unconfirmed. After seeing this Jeopardy! interview, it may be time to revisit that conversation though.

Julian Grander was a contestant on Friday's show and came in second during Mattea Roach's 19th consecutive win. During the interview portion of the program Grander explained to Ken Jennings how he can not just sing the alphabet in reverse order, but backwards. He seems like a crazy person, but sure enough they recorded him doing this earlier, played that backwards and you can make out most of the letters.

So Grander can do this thing. The only way to respond to this information comes in the form of a question: Why?