Jennifer Weisselberg Gave a Bizarre Interview on MSNBC After Alan Weisselberg Charged

Jennifer Weisselberg during an appearance on MSNBC
Jennifer Weisselberg during an appearance on MSNBC /

Jennifer Weisselberg has been on cable news all week as her former father-in-law and Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg faced impending tax fraud charges. When those charges came down against Weisselberg and the Trump Organization on Thursday, she was back on the air, this time on MSNBC. It went off-the-rails quickly.

Ms. Weisselberg was did not sound coherent on-air during her interview. Her comments made no sense and she rambled while slurring her words. It was amazing the MSNBC host didn't cut the interview off quickly. Instead it continued in an agonizing fashion.

Here's video:

Lest you believe this is what she's like all the time, here she is during an appearance on MSNBC from Wednesday:

Weisselberg was married to Barry, the son of Allen, and has offered to testify before a grand jury in the case. She claims to have been cooperating with New York investigators for a while.

We'll see if there's some explanation forthcoming for her performance on MSNBC today.