Jennie Finch Embarassed Adrian Peterson With Three Fastballs During Celebrity Game

Stephen Douglas

Jennie Finch can pitch a softball really fast. That’s why it kind of seems like a waste of her talents to make her lob it to people like Andrew Zimmerman in celebrity All-Star games. Still, there some really bored people were on Sunday during the Taco Bell All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game. (The game was presumably shown on tape-delay in the early hours of this morning whenever the Home Run Derby ended.)

Adrian Peterson isn’t some television personality. He wanted Finch’s best stuff. From ESPN:

That hitter would be Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who began ribbing Finch during a Sunday afternoon batting practice session. Peterson only played a handful of baseball games as a kid, he said, and hadn’t played in 15 years. If he’d taken any swings since then, he surmised, they might have come when the Minnesota Twins sent him a bat as a gift.

In AP’s second at bat, Finch threw him three straight rising fastballs. Peterson might have gotten a foul tip. His reactions were priceless.

If you want another laugh at the expense of this game, check on the bios for the players. Rob Riggle’s is approximately 3-times as long as anyone else’s. Seriously.

Riggle got 637 words and Jack Morris came in second with 232 words.