Jenn Sterger Accuses Unnamed ESPN Executive of Sexual Harassment

Ryan Glasspiegel

In the wake of ESPN’s canceling Barstool Van Talk, Jenn Sterger–who was one of the famous Florida State cowgirls pointed out by Brent Musburger and who later worked for the New York Jets–tweeted the following harrowing allegations Monday night about bad experiences she had with someone who she says is still a “decision maker” at ESPN:

ESPN responded with the following statement: “We have no record of this ever being brought to our attention. We thoroughly investigate all allegations brought to us. Fostering a professional and respectful workplace is a top priority for ESPN and we always encourage people to report any issues.”

In tweets about this statement to SI’s Richard Deitsch, Sterger says that “I was told by my female producer to drop it. I even blogged about it. Have them give me a call … Have them shoot me an email or give me a call. The fact every other media outlet reached out to me already & they haven’t says a lot.”

We asked ESPN if there will be an investigation now, given that the allegations concern someone who is apparently a current executive, and will update when we hear back.