Jen Psaki Reportedly Leaving White House for MSNBC Soon

Kyle Koster
Alex Wong/GettyImages

White House press secretary Jen Psaki is in talks to join MSNBC after she leaves her current gig in May, Axios' Sara Fischer reports. The pipeline from politics to punditry runs in both directions and there's been months' worth of speculation and interest from multiple cable news networks. There are hard and fast government ethics rules in place for pursuing jobs in the private sector so nothing has been made official, though Axios presents Psaki's impending departure as a poorly kept secret.

MSNBC sustained massive hits to its primetime lineup over the past few months with both Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow departing. Psaki is reportedly not being considered to fill either of those shoes, though a place somewhere on Peacock seems an inevitability.

Psaki would be the latest in a long list of flaks to jump over to television. Nicolle Wallace is currently one of the central talents at MSNBC. Kayleigh McEnany has been with Fox News for over a year. Former Trump Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney was just hired by CBS. The list goes on and on. And will continue to grow because there's a real argument that weighing in on things with no stakes is better than weighing in on them with massive stakes.

We live in the golden age of content. If you are comfortable on television and powerful enough, someone will find a show for you. Maybe a second show too. Lot of hours to fill.