Jen Psaki Figures Out How to Pronounce FIFA With Help of White House Pool Reporters

Pen Psaki
Pen Psaki /

Some of the many consequences Russia is facing for their invasion of the Ukraine come from the sporting realm. Most prominently, FIFA announced on Monday they suspended all Russian soccer teams from international competition, which effectively bans Russia from the World Cup because they were slated to play their final qualifying matches this week.

Jen Psaki spoke to the pool of reporters at the White House on Tuesday morning and an AP correspondent asked the Press Secretary about the sanctions FIFA and the IOC have placed on Russia. He admitted he wasn't sure exactly how to pronounce FIFA and it came out like "Fy-fah." Before answering his question, Psaki admitted she wasn't 100 percent sure either and a room full of reporters responded in unison that it was "Fee-fah" amidst some laughter.

A light-hearted moment for those who needed it, it would seem.