Jemele Hill Didn't Apologize for Content of Her Donald Trump Tweets, But Did Offer These Regrets

Ryan Glasspiegel

Jemele Hill has had a whirlwind two days since tweeting that Donald Trump was a white supremacist, which saw her cross into dreaded cable news subject territory. Nevertheless, she co-hosted SC6 today and has returned to Twitter this evening:

ESPN was in an impossible spot once Hill tweeted what she did. One half of the country was out for blood over her remarks, while the other half was out for blood over ESPN throwing her under the bus with its statement yesterday. Lovely times we live in.

Hopefully we can put this all behind us? (J/K there’s gonna be like a thousand thinkpieces tomorrow.)

UPDATE: ESPN also issued the following statement:

Jemele has a right to her personal opinions, but not to publicly share them on a platform that implies that she was in any way speaking on behalf of ESPN.  She has acknowledged that her tweets crossed that line and has apologized for doing so. We accept her apology.

It’s safe to say the debate on whether and to what extent employers have control over their employees’ personal social media feeds will endure long beyond all of us.