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Jeff Passan to Michael Kay: Hey, Big Head

Kyle Koster

ESPN debuted the KayRod Cast last night for its first Sunday Night Baseball game, which somehow featured the New York Yankees against the Boston Red Sox. Very cool to see those small-market teams finally get all the bells and whistles that come with a national broadcast. Other sports media writers were far more locked-in on the proceedings so I'll leave the reviews and critiques to them. What I can say for sure, though, is that insider Jeff Passan appeared as a guest and wasted no time roasting Michael Kay.

"I'm really impressed with the technology on this broadcast," he said. "Somehow you're in a much smaller box on the left side than mine and yet your head is somehow almost the exact same size."

The joke is that Kay has a large head. And to be fair, it does look like the type of head you wouldn't want struggling to emerge from a nice cashmere sweater. More of a cheap, MetLife windbreaker-type head.

Credit where credit's due. Kay just wore this one and plowed right ahead like a true professional. Didn't lose his head at all.