Jeff Darlington Should Take a Victory Lap for His Ezekiel Elliott Coverage

Kyle Koster

ESPN NFL reporter Jeff Darlington has been among what seems to be an ever-growing cadre of insiders and pundits weighing in on the Ezekiel Elliott situation.

The difference between he and most others in the group clamoring for their voice to rise to a level that drowns out all others is that Darlington has been uniquely measured and, as it turns out, clairvoyant.

He would never beat his chest this morning and trumpet how right he was about everything, but let’s not allow it to go unnoticed.

Slight ribbing aside, Darlington has earned himself the right to take a victory lap. Although figuring out what was going to go down didn’t take a crystal ball, it still takes some courage to keep calm and carry on as everyone else buys into the soap opera.