Utah Jazz Mascot Absolutely Bodies Small Children During Game of Musical Chairs

Kyle Koster

Musical chairs is a game that usually sounds great on paper and devolves into some sort of physical battle in practice, rendering it a high-risk, high-reward option. Basically, if multiple parties are not scolded for being overly aggressive, then they are playing all wrong. Despite this, the Utah Jazz opted to bust it out over the weekend, inviting some lucky children down into the spotlight to compete against Jazz Bear, the team's long-running mascot.

What they perhaps did not appreciate was just how badly the person crammed into that swampy suit wanted to win.

The first dislodging is all in good fun. The second — as risk management professionals like Ruben Pfeffer of Along Came Polly would tell you — could easily have resulted in a wrist fracture. That kid really went flying as though peak Karl Malone was boxing him out. You can see the emcee of this even at first trying to reason with this fierce competitor, only to realize it's useless as the next shoving incident occurs.

Perhaps this type of behavior flew back in the 1980s and 1990s but it's a less physical NBA now. Both man and beast must adapt.