Jazz Chisholm's New Ice Cream Gloves Somehow Make Him Cooler

Jazz Chisholm
Jazz Chisholm / Mark Brown/GettyImages

Jazz Chisholm easily ranks among the coolest baseball players in the game right now simply by virtue of going by Jazz. His style of play compounds that coolness; Chisholm flys around the bases and is prone to creating his fair share of Web Gem highlights. Now he's somehow become cooler after introducing ice cream gloves made by Aria that he hopefully plans to use in games this year.

Extremely cool. Sleek as hell. And creative, too. It remains to be seen how it'll come across on a broadcast but the pictures, especially the black glove one, give reason for optimism.

Jazz Chisholm may be the only man who can salvage the Miami Marlins. His coolness will save us all.