Jayson Tatum to Grant Williams After He Blew Kisses to the Crowd: 'I Look Cool. You Didn't Look Cool.'

Stephen Douglas
Boston Celtics v Phoenix Suns
Boston Celtics v Phoenix Suns / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The Bostons Celtics went into Arizona and kicked the everloving shit out of the Phoenix Suns on Wedensday night, 125 - 98. The game was not that close as the Celtics had a 69-42 lead at the half and were up 39 going into the 4th quarter. Things got so bad so fast that Grant Williams was blowing kisses to the Phoenix crowd during the second quarter.

Since the Celtics continued to blow out the Suns and win, it wasn't that big of a deal that Williams co-opted Jayson Tatum's "kiss of death" celebration in the second quarter. Except for Tatum who pulled Williams aside and told him to cool it because he was making it less cool.

"I'm cool when I do it. I look cool. You didn't look cool. You looked like a little kid."

Jayson Tatum clearly relishes any opportunity to tell Grant Williams he is not cool. Imagine being so cool that you can tell the press about telling a teammate how cool you are. If you had any questions about the level Jayson Tatum is on right now, that should answer it.