Blue Jays' Ross Stripling Says Owners Thought 'We’re Dumb Baseball Players and We Get Sleepy After Midnight'

Stephen Douglas
Toronto Blue Jays v Los Angeles Angels
Toronto Blue Jays v Los Angeles Angels / Rob Leiter/GettyImages

Major League Baseball negotiations are going quite poorly as Rob Manfred and his owners have already cancelled the first two series of the season. Who knows if they really expected or even wanted players to agree to their "best offer" on Tuesday, but according to Ross Stripling of the Toronto Blue Jays, they tried to sneak some stuff past the players under the cover of darkness. Here's Stripling in an interview with SportsNet:

As Monday turned into Tuesday and talks continued late into the night, some players got the impression owners were underestimating them.

“It got to be like 12:30 and the fine print of their CBT proposal was stuff we had never seen before,” Stripling said. “They were trying to sneak things through us, it was like they think we’re dumb baseball players and we get sleepy after midnight or something. It’s like that stupid football quote, they are who we thought they were. They did exactly what we thought they would do. They pushed us to a deadline that they imposed, and then they tried to sneak some shit past us at that deadline and we were ready for it. We’ve been ready for five years. And then they tried to flip it on us today in PR, saying that we’ve changed our tone and tried to make it look like it was our fault. That never happened.”

This confirms the feeling yesterday that the owners negotiated in bad faith this week and then tried to change the narrative in the press to make the players look bad. When in fact, it is the owners who should look bad.