Jay Williams: Stephen Curry and Andrew Wiggins Are the Top Duo in the NBA

Liam McKeone
Stephen Curry and Andrew Wiggins
Stephen Curry and Andrew Wiggins / Kavin Mistry/GettyImages

We find ourselves in the doldrums of the sports calendar. Producers have to get creative in their attempts to fill up an entire day's worth of studio show discussion. Thus, Jay Williams found himself ranking his top NBA duos heading into next season on this morning's edition of Keyshawn, JWill, & Max. Williams came locked and loaded with a take that seems crazy but also perfectly logical at the same time, which is a difficult balance to strike in Takeland.

Here's Williams explaining why Stephen Curry and Andrew Wiggins are a better NBA duo than KD/Kyrie, LeBron/AD, or anybody else you can think of.

Through the lens of "what have you done for me lately" as Williams stated, it makes perfect sense. None of the other duos on his list just won the Finals! Yet it still feels nuts to argue that Curry and Wiggins are better than Kawhi and Paul George. Curry is an all-time great, but Wiggins is... not. It should be common sense that two likely Hall of Famers are better than one surefire HoFer paired with a good but not great player.

But Curry and Wiggins do complement each other perfectly. All things equal, you're better off picking a different duo, but Williams isn't talking about all things equal. Based on what happened last season, it's hard to deny the logic in having Curry and Wiggins in the top slot.