Jay Williams Claims Kevin Durant was 'Misdiagnosed' by Warriors Medical Staff


Discussing Kevin Durant’s Achilles rupture, Jay Williams claimed on Get Up that Durant was “misdiagnosed,” which led to the injury that could put his entire next season in jeopardy. Williams is putting the blame on the Golden State Warriors, saying they were trying to get the most out of Durant in case he leaves them in free agency:

Williams says he knows for a fact that Durant was told that there was no way he could “injure the Achilles at all.” While these are strong claims to make, Williams has a relationship with Durant and was at dinner with him this past Sunday night. This led to Williams accurately predicting Durant would make his return in Game 5. Given that, it wouldn’t be a stretch to believe this is either true or how Durant’s interpreted it the advice he received.

The statements made by Williams today further strengthen the widespread belief that the injury Durant suffered against the Rockets was related to the Achilles, not the calf as the team reported.

If this is in fact what happened or what Durant feels happened, this could result in an ugly summer for the Warriors. Just a year ago, Kawhi Leonard decided he was done with his team, the Spurs, after no longer trusting their medical staff.