Jay Williams: Brooklyn Nets Perhaps the Most Unlikable Team in the History of Basketball

Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

The Brooklyn Nets are a soap opera troupe that wears basketball uniforms and win 25 percent of their games while alienating everyone in some sort of bizarro Brewster's Millions situation. And it's too bad because we're watching Kevin Durant leave so much potential on the table while being subjected to story after story driving home the deep dysfunction. Yesterday they decided to add the Ime Udoka sideshow to the Kyrie Irving circus in a global-brained gamble that if you flood the zone with controversies, people won't be able to focus on a single one.

Everything that's happened during this young season has made them even harder to root for — and they weren't exactly America's Team to begin with. Jay Wiliams, speaking on Get Up this morning, posited that we may very well be looking at the most unlikable team in the history of basketball.

That sound you don't hear is people speaking up to provide reasonable competition here. Because it's entirely possible that the Nets take the cake in terms of being profoundly irredeemable in the public's eye. They have 74 regular-season games to change the narrative and their postseason prospects. A lovable hero is not walking through that door. There will surely be more missteps along the way.

Can't wait.