Keyshawn Johnson Tries to Guard Jay Williams, Now Needs New Ankles


Keyshawn, JWill & Max and Bart & Hahn are engaging in some classic sports radio behavior by hyping up a two-on-two basketball game between show hosts on June 1st. Various sportsbooks are struggling to set a line generous enough to inspire betting the mid-day crew and a quartet of dudes in their forties and fifties are preparing their bodies for battle, accounting for all the extra rest days.

Johnson and Williams hit the court down at Duke to work on their respective games and footage revealed both parties have some work to do. Keyshawn specifically on his ankles, which were ruined by his co-host's behind-the-back dribble. Jay on his mid-ranger jumper, which prevented him from capitalizing on the space-clearing move.

Johnson has a long and accomplished athletic career so he can come back from this far easier than a weekend warrior who goes down like a baby deer during a midweek pickup run. But that feeling of losing balance and falling into oblivion as everyone watches never gets less embarrassing. Time slows down and the best a person can do is hope all ligaments and tendons are in the same place they were before the incident.