Jay Glazer Says 10 Teams Discussed Trade for Jadeveon Clowney

Brian Giuffra

Well, it appears that nearly half the teams in the NFL are, or were, interested in having Jadeveon Clowney on their team. The only squad that might not be as interested is the team he’s currently under contract with.

During the Dolphins preseason game against the Jaguars on Thursday night, Jay Glazer spiced things up by telling viewers that the Dolphins were, in fact, among the teams that discussed trading for Clowney. Oh, and guess what, they are just one of two handfuls of teams that discussed acquiring the Pro Bowl pass rusher in a trade.

Who could those nine other teams be? The Jets, Eagles and Seahawks come to mind immediately. But realistically, who wouldn’t want Clowney? He’s made the Pro Bowl the last three years and forces offensive coordinators to account for him when he’s on the field. He’s currently embroiled in a holdout with the Texans, who placed the franchise tag on him this offseason, and shows no sign of playing until he gets a long-term deal. He hasn’t signed his franchise tag yet, something he’d have to do before being traded.

So where will Clowney play this year? It could be anywhere based on 10 teams being in the mix. The only thing that seems likely is it won’t be in Houston.