Jay Glazer: Jason Garrett Still 'Lobbying' to Remain Cowboys Head Coach

Bobby Burack
Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys
Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys / Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Coaches have been fired, coaches have been hired, the playoffs have begun, the Patriots have lost, and Jason Garrett's status is still unknown. Despite the Cowboys interviewing other coaching candidates, the still-not-fired Garrett is actually "lobbying" to remain the head coach of the Cowboys, according to FOX's Jay Glazer.

Glazer explained the bizarre, never-before-seen situation on TV today:

Since some have analogized the past week to relationships, this is the step where you are told "it's over" and you respond by declining the news like it's an offer. And that is even as you are aware your current significant other/soon-to-be-ex is talking to other people.

If you don't want this situation compared to the dating life, it's less fun but simpler. Jerry Jones continues to run the Cowboys like a reality show and the head coach, who should have been fired years ago, is being allowed to plead why he deserves longer.

No, this is all really happening. It's not a Saturday Night Live skit ... yet.