Jay Glazer on How Aldon Smith Tore His Labrum, Why He Doesn't Follow Scripts on 'Ballers' and His Many Jobs

Brian Giuffra
Jay Glazer.
Jay Glazer. / Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Jay Glazer is a man of many hats, from NFL Insider on FOX to Hollywood actor on Ballers to NFL trainer to philanthropist through his MVP charity that supports military veterans and more. But while all are gratifying in their own way, training professional football players comes with a price, which includes tearing his labrum while working with Cowboys defensive end Aldon Smith this offseason.

"And then I trained him for another five months after that," Glazer said.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Big Lead, Glazer explained how Smith injured him earlier this year, how he gets away with not following scripts on Ballers, why Mike Tomlin is the obvious choice for NFL Coach of the Year, Alex Smith's journey back from injury and Glazer's latest venture of launching a new supplement line, Unbreakable Performance, which can be found at GNC stores.

Below is our full conversation and more information about Unbreakable.