'Very Cavallari' Star Jay Cutler Provides Update on Potential NFL Broadcast Role

Kyle Koster
Jay Cutler not a big fan of the studio.
Jay Cutler not a big fan of the studio. / Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

On the season finale of Very Cavallari, Jay Cutler and Kristin discussed a Feb. 5 blog post from The Big Lead which reported he'd met with networks about a potential future on broadcasting. Sweet, sweet vindication was enjoyed over Slack. Excellent television was made by E!.

Cutler, who is usually a bundle of kinetic energy, relayed that the meetings went well and one outlet suggested a possible studio role with all the excitement of a person who realized they need to wake up for a 6 a.m. flight the next day.

Cutler is evidently way more interested in a booth gig. And who wouldn't be after seeing Tony Romo's contract?

Of course, such a time commitment could cause friction at home. All that time on the road would put more on Cavallari's plate, and just when Uncommon James is really taking off.

Decisions, decisions.

Time will tell if this foray into television gets further down the road than it did in 2017 when Cutler eventually decided to return to the Miami Dolphins. Both Sunday games and next year's reality season would be better for it if the answer proves to be yes.