Jay Cutler Didn't Bother Practicing for His Fox Sports Gig

Kyle Koster

Fox Sports hired Jay Cutler as an analyst despite his complete lack of experience. They slotted him into the No. 2 broadcast team. It was always a risky move, considering the fact the 34-year-old quarterback has plenty left in the tank and the NFL is chockfull of teams desperate for competent play at the position. Granting such an assignment to a rookie was also a move bound to engender jealousy within the network’s on-air talent.

Miami Dolphins[/autotag]. Fox’s gamble did not pay off. And quite honestly, perhaps that will prove to be a good thing.

Consider Cutler’s honest — and telling — answer to Peter King in this week’s MMQB.

"Me to Jay Cutler: “Did you practice doing TV much this offseason before coming back?” Cutler: “I mean, I’d be lying if I said I did.”"

Points to the quarterback for his candidness, but statements like this suggest Fox dodged a bullet by having Cutler on the field and not underprepared in the broadcast booth. Broadcasters deeper on the bench were already understandably agitated a neophyte was given top billing. To hear that Cutler didn’t take the gig seriously should arouse even stronger frustration.

Whether it will have any lingering effect on his post-playing career when he retires permanently remains to be seen. It’d be human for Fox to feel as if they’d been slapped in the face here by Cutler and further question his commitment to the endeavor, even if playing in the NFL isn’t an option.