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Jay Cutler Is Not Loving the Modern Dating Scene

Ryan Phillips
Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
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Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari broke up in April 2020, divorcing after nearly eight years of marriage. Their dating exploits have been tabloid fodder ever since, but apparently life as a 38-year-old single dad isn't treating Cutler well.

During his podcast this week, Cutler revealed that in 2021, "meeting people is hard." He went off on a long tangent about how searching for love has been difficult and he's not enjoying it. TMZ listened to the podcast so you don't have to and pulled some interesting quotes from the former NFL quarterback.

Cutler said, "I think finding out what people really, really want from you, I think that's probably an issue."

Well, Jay, for years Chicago Bears fans were pretty clear they just wanted some indication you actually cared if the team won or lost.

He continued, "I'm in a different phase of my life now with kids and priorities are just changed ... Like, it isn't just a purely selfish play by my part. Like, there's a lot of other aspects that have to be taken into consideration whenever you get back out into that world."

Cutler was last single in 2010 when he began dating Cavallari. Now the word of online dating and dating apps has changed the world for single people. Cutler claimed it was now, "a whole different ballgame."

Cavallari seems to be doing better than Cutler since the breakup. She dating comedian Jeff Dye for a while, and has also been connected to reality TV "stars" Austen Kroll and Craig Conover.

Unfortunately for Cutler, it appears he's having issues connecting with potential targets. Which should surprise no one who followed his NFL career.