Jay Bilas Helps Us Make Sense of the FBI / NCAA Madness

Ryan Glasspiegel

ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas joins the podcast! We discussed:

  • Why do the major scandals engulfing the college basketball world this week constitute federal crimes? Bilas makes the case that by the feds’ logic, tutors committing plagiarism on behalf of players would also qualify.
  • His column about how money will always find a way.
  • How many schools will this impact when it’s all said and done? 50? 100?
  • How would a system where players are paid work? What would be the Title IX implications?
  • If players signed contracts, wouldn’t some top talent (not the Kevin Durants of the world, but people on the fringe of the lottery and below) stick around longer and make the games of higher quality?
  • If NCAA D1 is whittled down, would a promotion/relegation system work?

Hope you enjoy!