Jaxson Hayes and His Sideshow Bob Sneakers Are a Perfect Match

Liam McKeone
Jaxson Hayes or Sideshow Bob? You decide.
Jaxson Hayes or Sideshow Bob? You decide. / Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Jaxson Hayes was a lottery pick in the 2019 NBA draft. He's a rim-running center out of Texas who can jump out of the stratosphere, and the Pelicans picked him with the hope he'd be a part of their frontcourt of the future next to Zion Williamson. So far, he's shown flashes of how dangerous he can be next to the other young talent in New Orleans, but is also clearly still just 19 and is regularly pushed around by larger players.

But enough about his play. The thing that stands out most about Hayes (other than the fact that he can jump through the roof) is his resemblance to a certain Simpsons character by the name of Sideshow Bob. The rookie has never shied away from the comparison, dating all the way back to draft day, when he wore a Sideshow Bob necklace and shoes to match.

On Saturday, he wore a set of Sideshow Bob sneakers that further leaned in to the bit.

Simply perfect.