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Javier Báez Simply Won't Allow Himself to Be Tagged

Kyle Koster
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Things are looking quite bleak for the New York Mets, who sit two games under .500 as we enter August's last full week. It will take a dramatic turnaround or perhaps more sage advice from hitting expert and owner Steve Cohen to bring any meaningful October baseball to Citi Field. Meaning the trade deadline acquisition of Javier Báez likely won't bear the type of juicy fruit fans expected.

But that doesn't mean bringing the electricity to town has been a total loss. Mets fans have gotten the opportunity to delight in Báez's unrivaled flair and panache, which he displays on defense and the basepaths. Here he is turning the sauce up to 11 with a clever slide into second base while legging out a double against the Dodgers yesterday.

Poetry in motion. And to think this is something players who take baserunning serious must practice. What a weird job it must be to put Trick Sliding into their Google calendars from 11:30 a.m.-noon. Certainly worse ways to make a living.

It's a niche honor but Baez's ability to stand alone as the trickiest son of a gun on the bases has lasted several years. Pretty impressive longevity for a discipline that requires constant innovation.