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JaVale McGee Wrote and Produced a Song on Justin Bieber's New Album

JaVale McGee, Taj Gibson
JaVale McGee working his day job as a basketball player. | Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

JaVale McGee remains a very interesting dude. After earning a reputation for being a bit... loopy on the court as a young player, McGee, on his sixth team in 11 seasons, has turned into a reliable veteran who won two NBA Championships with the Golden State Warriors. Gone are the days when he would pretend to adopt a platypus and here instead is a guy writing and producing songs for one of the biggest recording stars in the world.

McGee is credited on the song, "Available," off Justin Bieber's new album, Changes. This has to be a music career highlight for McGee who was interviewed by Billboard in 2018 ahead of the release of his own album.