JaVale McGee Calls Shaq a Bully, Says He Doesn't Watch 'Shaqtin a Coon'

By Jason McIntyre

JaVale McGee, fresh off an 0-for-1, four block, 0-point performance in 14 minutes against the Clippers, appeared on Inside the NBA, the show where he is relentlessly mocked by Shaquille O’Neal. It was clear from the outset that McGee – whose tone throughout the interview was anything but friendly – wanted no part of Shaq’s ‘Shaqtin a Fool’ segment.

Eventually, McGee gets to the core of the issue: He’s not a fan of the black-on-black crime. “I don’t watch Shaqtin a coon,” McGee says, at which point Ernie Johnson steers the conversation in a different direction. Uncomfortable? You bet. My guess is Shaq finds another target for a couple weeks.

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