Jason Witten is Absolutely Unqualified to Coach the Dallas Cowboys

Stephen Douglas
Jason Witten waves to his adoring fans after the Cowboys miss the playoffs again.
Jason Witten waves to his adoring fans after the Cowboys miss the playoffs again. / Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Jason Witten wants to coach football someday. Perhaps even the Dallas Cowboys. He's spoken about coaching recently, but doesn't even sound certain he's done playing. Yet here we are talking about him potentially replacing Jason Garrett.

Could Jason Witten be a head coach down the road? Definitely, but right now he is not qualified to coach a professional football team. Coaching football is an extremely complicated endeavor. Few people can do it well. The ones who do have been working on their craft for years. Long hours preparing for practices and games. Putting together entire staffs to help manage 53-plus different players with different personalities, skill sets and personal needs. Head coach of a football team is probably the most complex job in all of sports.

Witten was barely qualified to do color commentary on NFL broadcast a year ago. Saying he's better qualified to be the Cowboys mascot than the head coach isn't an insult. It's a fact. If Witten wants to coach, he should start as a tight ends coach where he'd be dealing with a small group of people, helping them refine a craft that he perfected. There is no reason Witten couldn't be a head coach in a few short years, but he is absolutely not qualified right now.

But hey, if winning now isn't a priority for Jerry Jones, then he should absolutely hire another former player. It worked out really well for him with Garrett.