Jason Williams "White Chocolate" Update: He's Killing it in a Rec League in Orlando

By Jason McIntyre
38 Year Old Jason Williams "White Chocolate"
38 Year Old Jason Williams "White Chocolate" / Home Team Hoops

Have you been wondering what former NBA point guard Jason Williams, aka, White Chocolate has been up to? Probably not, but I’ll tell you anyway: Williams, who was part of those thrilling Sacramento Kings teams in the early 00s, is clowning folks in a rec league in Orlando. He’s got a few more tattoos, and still possesses the flair for the dramatic: This highlight reel is comical, to the point that I’m going to start digging to see where and when these games are played so I can get some run. Williams still has brilliant court vision, a nifty handle, and a lethal 3-point shot.

Fun Jason Williams fact: He was the point guard of an NBA Championship team. Yup, the 2006 Heat, the ones that won a title thanks to D Wade and some referees. He started every playoff game at point for that team. [Video via The Basketball Network]