Jason Williams Calls Charles Barkley a "Loser," Defends Kevin Durant

By Jason McIntyre

Has Jason “White Chocolate” Williams been watching Speak for Yourself? Taking a page out of my playbook, the former Sacramento Kings point guard defended Kevin Durant when a blog asked about KD’s move to Golden State:

"Jason, being in Kevin Durant’s shoes would you’ve gone to the Golden State Warriors too? Williams: Ah man, you can’t put me on Kevin Durant’s level first and foremost. If I was Kevin Durant and that’s what I wanted to do, then that’s what I would’ve done. I wouldn’t have made a decision based on anybody else. Because it seems like he’s done that for 8 or 9 years now. You know you’ve gotta take care of yourself and make yourself happy at the end of the day. I mean all these guys [Charles] Barkley and them talking about oh they wouldn’t have done it, well they was never free agents back in the day…like they didn’t have the choice. Nobody wanted his ass [Barkley] on their team because he was a loser. So that’s what I think about that."

Williams hit on the most basic aspect of Durant’s departure that many seem to be missing: Durant spent nine years with one organization, and now he wanted to leave for another team, what’s wrong with that?

But I like how Williams flipped it on Charles Barkley, who famously went to a loaded Phoenix Suns team to try to win a title, and then forced a trade from Phoenix to another stacked team, the Olajuwon/Drexler Rockets in an effort to get a ring. It didn’t work out for Ring Chasin’ Charles either time.

Hey Chuck, how come nobody wanted to join forces with you in Philadelphia?