Jason Whitlock Says Twitter Deletion Is a Mechanical Snafu, Not a Hiatus

Ryan Glasspiegel

Jason Whitlock’s Twitter account is gone this morning, and while he a) has railed against Silicon Valley, the rigging of algorithms, and the importance of Twitter being overrated, and b) was quite wrong in his stone cold lock that the Steelers would win (or at least cover) against the Patriots, there is a much more mundane explanation for his absence from the platform.

“Did not delete. I set my birthday to 2018 and it automatically logged me out,” FS1’s Speak for Yourself host tells The Big Lead in a text message. “Asking me to send my driver’s license to reinstate. You have to be 13 to be on Twitter… Hopefully I’ll be restored today”

So it sounds like the absence will be short-lived.