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Jason Whitlock Leaving Outkick The Coverage

Liam McKeone
Jason Whitlock
Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock's run at Outkick The Coverage is over and done with. Clay Travis announced today that Whitlock would be leaving the site in an article posted on Saturday.

"As a result of the growth of Outkick, Jason’s profile has also grown immensely and he now wishes to carve his own career path as opposed to being a partner at Outkick."

Whitlock joined Outkick in June after leaving Fox Sports. He was an official partner of Travis', but in the article above Travis notes Whitlock is no longer a partner at the company.

Whitlock's absence from Outkick has been noticeable over the last month; the last article attributed to his byline came on December 18. Yesterday, Whitlock guest-wrote a piece for in the wake of the chaotic events that took place this week.

Whitlock has spent most of his recent career at Fox, from 2007-2013 and then a second stint from 2015-2020, predominately as host of Speak For Yourself. He has yet to make a statement on his exit from Outkick.

Whitlock is a big brand name, but it's anybody's guess where he goes from here.

UPDATE: Whitlock tweeted the below on Saturday afternoon.