Jason Garrett Update: He Still Hasn't Been Fired by the Cowboys

Ryan Phillips
Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys
Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys / Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Jason Garrett still hasn't been fired by the Dallas Cowboys. Black Monday was two days ago and, as of Wednesday evening, Garrett still has a job with the franchise. No one seems to know why that's the case.

The latest update is as follows: Garrett and the Cowboys didn't meet on Wednesday to discuss his job. Talks will resume on Thursday.

While the Cowboys hem and haw, the other NFL teams in need of head coaches are currently interviewing replacement candidates. The more Jerry Jones drags his feet on making a decision, the further Dallas gets put behind the 8-ball.

We know Jones and Garrett are close, but that doesn't change the fact that he's nothing more than a mediocre coach and has been for years.

Garrett took over as the Cowboys' interim coach in 2010 and went 5-3. He was given the full-time job and has held it for nine years. In that time Garrett is 85-67 (.559) and has only reached the playoffs three times in those 10 seasons. He's never gone beyond the Divisional Round of the playoffs and has wasted years of loaded rosters.

This shouldn't be a difficult decision for Jerry Jones, yet here we are, still waiting for him to make up his mind.