Mike Lombardi: Jarrett Stidham Will Be Ready For Week 1 Because the Patriots Will Treat Him Like a Navy SEAL

Stephen Douglas
Jarrett Stidham
Jarrett Stidham / Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Mike Lombardi appeared on Ordway, Merloni & Fauria on Thursday to assuage any concerns that the Patriots might not have Jarrett Stidham ready for battle when the NFL starts its season. As usual, Lombardi has the utmost confidence in his old friend Bill Belichick. Via WEEI:

"“I think you put him under a lot of pressure situations as best you can in practice," he said. "I think you have to turn the heat up on him. You have to throw volume at him. You have to see if he can respond. I mean, that is what they will do. They will make sure he can handle it every single day. It will not be a picnic. It will not be fun. He’ll come in, (he’s) going to have to do his job. It’s no different — they put pressure on Navy SEALs every single day when they are in training. That is exactly what happens. They are going to do that every single day.”"

In these trying times, the ultimate sign of sports normalcy is someone comparing football players to military personnel. Any Navy SEAL rooting for the Buffalo Bills or Miami Dolphins should be very worried right now. They know the kind of high-pressure training they endure and will not be happy to know that Stidham will be able to withstand the exact same type of pressure.

You have to wonder if any other team will be smart enough to put their quarterback under pressure at practice before the season starts. Probably not, but even if they do it won't be like the pressure put on Navy SEALs.