Jaromir Jagr Wants You to Know He Didn't Spend His 49th Birthday With a Stripper

Jaromir Jagr, Calgary Flames v Anaheim Ducks
Jaromir Jagr, Calgary Flames v Anaheim Ducks / Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Jaromir Jagr celebrated his 49th birthday on Monday and he wanted to let the world know what he was up to. In an Instagram post including pictures from his small birthday party, he wanted to make perfectly clear that there were no strippers involved. Instead, he was with his model girlfriend and Czech physicist Jan Rak.

Yes, Jager shared a collection of pictures from what seemed like a lovely gathering put on by girlfriend Dominika Branišová

If you never took the time to learn Czech using Rosetta Stone, here's a translation for you:

I bet that caption was far more poetic in the original Czech.

According to his biography, Jan Rak is a professor of ultra-relativistic nuclear physics at Jyvaskyla University in Finland. I'm sure having him around was way more entertaining than a stripper.

Still, this was nice of Jagr's lovely girlfriend to put together a party for him.