Jared Lorenzen Injured, Carried Off Field by Four People [UPDATE]

By Tim Ryan

Jared Lorenzen, shockingly agile quarterback for the Northern Kentucky River Monsters, suffered a leg injury today against the the Eerie Explosion and was helped off the field by four teammates.

More details and photos  surely to follow as they come in, but while we’re here, please take in this reaction from Lorenzen following the social media frenzy that took place after his escape from the pocket and memorable scramble this past Monday night.

“Social media is a scary, scary, crazy thing,” Lorenzen said. “I honestly think it’s because I was a big guy wearing a really tight, white jersey. If I am wearing blue or our opposite green, it ain’t as funny. But you see the big guy running around avoiding people and it’s funny. And I get it.”

He definitely gets it. And there’s more.

“It’s great to be the flash in the pan and all that, but if you don’t have fun with this what the hell are you doing in life? Live this up, get your 15 minutes of it and bow away from it. I enjoy it, I love it, I think it’s funny.”

Lorenzen and his refreshingly down to earth attitude are at least part of the reason why he’s so widely embraced and adored.

UPDATE: Here’s video of the injury…

The Hefty Lefty was eventually moved to a cart. Get well soon, big fella.

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