Jared Kushner Thinks He's Going to Live Forever

Ryan Phillips
Jared Kushner Visits "Fox & Friends"
Jared Kushner Visits "Fox & Friends" / John Lamparski/GettyImages

Jared Kushner is currently promoting his book "Breaking History: A White House Memoir" and making appearances on any outlet that will have him. The book has been widely panned but that's not stopping him. Kushner has always seemed like an odd guy and he confirmed that perception on Thursday when he revealed he think he's going to live forever.

Check this out:

That's really a strange belief to have. Kushner believes this generation or the next will figure out how to live forever. And he's actually excited about that prospect. Guys, I've got news for you, living forever would suck.

Have you ever met someone who lived into their 90s? It looks awful. Everything hurts, everything moves slowly, it's hard to enjoy anything and quality of life diminishes to a ridiculous degree. Unless Kushner is planning on running into the vampire from Midnight Mass, aging and living forever would be awful.