Jared Dudley: If Knicks Were Run 'Halfway Decent' They'd Have Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving

Liam McKeone
Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving
Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving / Al Bello/Getty Images

There may be no sports going on right now, but that doesn't mean Knicks fans get to rest easy. Jared Dudley provided the latest dagger for the long-tortured fanbase in an interview with The Athletic's Michael Lee.

Dudley is a wonderful interview subject and covered a wide range of topics with Lee, and I recommend you read the whole thing. But, for our purposes, here's his excerpt discussing how the Knicks would easily have Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant right now if they had even a shred of competency anywhere throughout the organization.

"And let’s be honest, if the Knicks are run right, the Knicks get them easily. It’s not even close. If the Knicks are run halfway decent, they get KD and Kyrie."

Jared Dudley via The Athletic

Et tu, Dudley?

Perhaps new team president Leon Rose can project that sense of capability to prospective free agents in the future. For now, he has a lot of work to do. RJ Barrett showed flashes in his rookie season, but other than that the Knicks have little more than a thousand power forwards and a fun young shot-blocker in Mitchell Robinson who averages three fouls and nine points per game.

Even if they do, Knicks fans will have to gaze longingly at what they could have had one borough away for the next few years.