Extremely Controversial Japan Goal Stands After Replay

Kyle Koster
Japan v Spain: Group E - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
Japan v Spain: Group E - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 / Marc Atkins/GettyImages

Japan needed to find an equalizer in the second half against Spain in order to advance to the World Cup knockout rounds. They did find one courtesy of Ritsu Doan in the 48th minute. Then, three minutes later, they shockingly took the lead when Ao Tanaka's controversial goal was allowed to count after replay.

The ball appeared to go completely out of bounds before being played back into play. For whatever reason the world feed did not provide viewers a definitive look, though the announcers suggested there were some angles from which the proper decision was made.

And, uh, we guess that's possible. There's some way this ball could not be out of bounds. We just ... we just don't really understand how.

This World Cup has not been short on controversy, and there's a very real chance a dominant power like Germany will be looking at an early exit because of this. The drama is very, very real.