Jane Slater Deftly Avoids Wasp Attack on Live TV

Brian Giuffra
Jane Slater on Twitter.
Jane Slater on Twitter. /

The perils of live broadcast coverage are varied and distinct. We saw a reporter take off running in the other direction when a herd of bison approached him in Yellowstone this year and we also saw a fly take a load off on Vice President Mike Pence's hair during the VP debate this past week.

Well, today we got a new one when a giant wasp flew toward NFL analyst Jane Slater, who was reporting from Dallas ahead of the Cowboys game against the Giants. Thankfully the wasp hightailed it out of there before Slater or a member of her production crew had to murder it in front of everyone. But it was a close encounter with the potential for a sting.

That's pure professionalism right there. In the middle of a segment and Slater acknowledges something is flying around her before deftly swiping away the wasp's advancements. Then she goes right back into the numbers she was preparing to present before the insect intervened.

She also had some fun with it afterward.

Pretty sure most people would react that way if a wasp flew toward them in the middle of a live segment. Meanwhile, the pros-pro wasn't even fazed. That's the difference between Slater and the rest of us mere mortals. Some can handle the pressure while others run from it. Let that bee a lesson to all the other wasps out there.