Lee Westwood Kind of Confirms a LIV Golfer Told Sky Sports' Jamie Weir to F Himself

Stephen Douglas
The 150th Open - Day One
The 150th Open - Day One / Andrew Redington/GettyImages

With the 150th Open Championship ending the 2022 golf major season it was officially time to look ahead to 2023. While Tommy Fleetwood go an early start on the holiday season, one unnamed golfer spoke with Sky Sports' Jamie Weir who brought up the fact that being on the LIV tour means that many of those who followed the Saudi money would not be eligible for any majors next year. According to Weir, this golfer called this a "f---ing s--- question" and told him to eff himself.

One Twitter user guessed this was Lee Westwood ,who shot -7 and finished in a tie for 34th at The British Open. The fan surmised that Westwood doesn't have many majors left in him anyway, possibly because he's only finished in the top 10 of a major three times since 2013. But Westwood responded to the fan saying it wasn't him, but he did overhear the conversation between Weir and the LIV golfer and did not dispute anything Weir said.

The LIV golfers continue to live on the cross where not even their millions of dollars can protect them from the mean old media and their agenda to ask them reasonable questions.