James Worthy Chomps on Egg Sandwich While Calling Lakers Scrimmage

Liam McKeone
James Worthy
James Worthy / Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers had a scrimmage on Saturday against the Orlando Magic. It was, as most of these scrimmages are, a relatively sloppy affair in the early going as both teams work to get back up to speed. Nobody told Kyle Kuzma that, who came out scorching and didn't miss a shot until nearly halfway through the second quarter.

The game had little highlights otherwise. Then James Worthy came into save us. Worthy has long been a staple of Lakers' local TV broadcasts and didn't seem to miss a beat after four months off. He even felt so confident, he munched on an egg sandwich in the midst of the broadcast and was not afraid to talk while doing so.

That's why Worthy is a Hall of Famer right there, folks. Multi-faceted, versatile, and doesn't blink in the face of self-inflicted adversity. Inspirational, really.