James Wiseman Is Already a Problem

Kyle Koster
SLAM Summer Classic 2018
SLAM Summer Classic 2018 / Elsa/Getty Images

Memphis' James Wiseman wasted no time living up to the huge hype surrounding him in the Tigers' opening-night victory over South Carolina State. We knew the 7-foot-1, 240 pound freshman would dazzle, but actually seeing it was still cause for wonder.

The 18-year-old looks ready to stake his case for national honors and nothing on display would dissuade people from believing that he'll be the top pick in next year's NBA draft.

All Wiseman did in his glorious debut was go 11-for-14, score 28 points, grab 11 rebounds, block three shots, and play turnover-free ball. He also went 6-for-7 from the charity stripe, negating any lingering hope of Hack-A-Shaqing him into some form of beat-ability.

This is harrowing tape for future opponents, yet extremely enjoyable for neutral observers of burgeoning greatness.